10 Tips for Launching Your Career in UX

Masterclass quote

Quote from Masterclass in Creativity by David O'Reilly

These should be “no brainers” and things every user experience practitioner should already know. However if you are wondering why some people seem to be flying ahead then maybe  it is time to look at the list and see if there is anything you can do.

  1. Do what users do – use the websites, tools, devices, widgets that users use. Know what is out there. You do not need to be a mum to know what goes on in Mumsnet. Surf.
  2. Collaborate, share ideas and discuss with other UX people. Give up the competitive power games and the arguing.
  3. Build up a portfolio that showcases what you are about and shows off your thinking. Do not copy others, be innovative and add value.
  4. Get involved in the industry. You would not want to be operated on by a doctor who has never heard of the medical board, would you?
  5.  Observe people and learn about the decision process and persuasion.
  6. Sketch and use cartoons. Add creativity to your approach.
  7. Play. Explore ideas and other approaches.
  8. Be curious about upcoming technologies and ideas. Read magazines like New Scientist, blogs, technology and product reviews. Good UX requires using lateral and critical thinking.
  9. Practice what you preach.  Think of the end user and do not make assumptions. Measure, get validation and back up design decisions with evidence not opinion.
  10. Put a quote on your site so that you will appear smarter.

Alternatively you can go into advertising. Here is a masterclass in creativity by David O’Reilly. Number 10 was a joke and from David.

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