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Jewellery By Elke Kramer

Elke Kramer designs some of the most fabulous pieces of statement jewellery.  


Mobile Cloud Summit Panel

Along with some distinguished panelists Brian Hoadley, James Clarke of Thin Martian, andJules Ehrhardt of ustwo, I spoke at the  Mobile Cloud Summit on Evolution of the Mobile Cloud, which looked at the impact of Mobile Cloud on User Experience.. This one day summit prompted a lot of interesting discussions. I hope you enjoy watching the panel:  


Staying hungry and foolish.

Steve Jobs changed my life for the better. I started out as a designer and illustrator before Macs. Hours were spent practicing with a drawing pen to do crop marks. Type was expensive. You paid  by the character and had to be precise when character counting and specifying type. Ideas were hard things to translate into finished designs. I can still remember the smell of the wax used for past-up. I was experimenting with the Apple II and learning to program in basic. The Mac transformed the graphic industry in...