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This week I am doing two talks on the subject, The Future of UX. It is a very broad topic and you cannot do it justice in 20 minutes. It is both open for debate and a moot point, because UX is always about the future. You cannot predict everything. Content is so ubiquitous that users can find similar two clicks away.

User research has been mostly about historical information and that needs to change. The internet is dying as we know it. It is about to be replaced by a web of things – devices, services, agents and all manners of interfaces.

10 years ago content was a destination and websites were about creating and retaining users. The web is now more distributed. Less than 8% of users enter from the hope page. Yet many websites are designed top down. I remember having this argument at an Agency in Chelsea when I was working on a large hotel, entertainment, restaurant chain, leisure services etc. project. A top down system with narrow user-journeys would have been missing the point.

Users are also touching the brand in a lot of different ways. We finally got to the point where silos generally though of as bad idea, only to replace them with chanels.  This now goes further with ECRM gurus and Social Media wizards. Looking at eBay the apps are leap frogging Is there anyone in the organisation that is responsible for the over all user experience? When we talk about multi-chanel we still tend to talk about it as one chanel at a time.

A couple fellow UXers and I were listening with intent at a debate at the next table about Ubuntu and how they are switching application menus as well as their forays into TV.

Yeah it is always about change. In case you have missed it. The web as we know it is dead!

The web as in browser based dominance of IE on  PC or lap top is becoming extinct. The only people who seem to spend any amount of time browsing the web on those are “locked in office workers” using as their escape window to the outside world.

The world of the consumer is likely to be interacting on mobile devices, internet TVs and tablets as well as the glasses which are coming out now. The world now is a world of gestures, language and thought. We have truly moved into the Creative Age.

please install flash

Star Hud Augmented Reality Glasses

No UX person finds this scary, UX people are natural explorers. It is our job to do the research and create experiences.

I for one welcome this news.


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