The Vintage Cool of Peacock Chairs

Fleur wood book cover

I had to do it. I needed a chair for my desk for my jewellery making and it had to be the peacock chair to give my office the Boho-Vibe.

In the US  these go for $2,000 for the quality version. There is a real cheap basic version that are more commonly found in back-alley Odds & Sods shops in Florida. In the UK these have yet to become trendy again.

There are stylists that are on the look out for these and snap them up in an instant So if you do spot a good one be quick! If anything these could really go up in value as they are rarer in the UK. And for good reason. Wicker is not known for tolerating UK weather well.

Boho Style


vintage peacock chair

The Glamorous Life

Huey P. Newton, Black Panther

Huey P. Newton, Black Panther




























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