A Functional Requirements Road Map for Design

Project to capture the requirements at a project definition stage for one of the largest financial companies in the world.  

I ran and put together a team of 6 information architects  over a 6 month period to build highly transactional and functional prototypes in Axure.  These were rapid modelling for articulating business process re-engineering to put the complete application online. These prototypes are not to show the end solution but to capture the requirements visually to reduce documentation. The Axure annotation structure was modified by myself to increase the amount of detail necessary to work with the other teams and provide GAP analysis information to the stakeholders.

The prototypes do not show design or a polished UX with final interactions. This was because the speed of which were working and the purpose was to be able to integrate these quickly with live data and test the processes. The entire process involved complex discussions with over 60 stake holders and is a ground breaking application to revolutionise Mortgage applications, selling and conveyancing.

These wireframes and documents cannot be posted here until early 2014 due to the sensitive nature of the project.


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