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Next Generation Customer Care Portal

While onsite at JD Williams in Manchester I ran a series of workshops with stakeholders and end users to understand their requirements and the technical constraints of the existing system to create a plan for them to implement a new system for call centre staff. Their call centre staff were used to “green screeens” and […]

A Functional Requirements Road Map for Design

Project to capture the requirements at a project definition stage for one of the largest financial companies in the world.   I ran and put together a team of 6 information architects  over a 6 month period to build highly transactional and functional prototypes in Axure.  These were rapid modelling for articulating business process re-engineering […]


You are what you Tweet.

Everything you do on the web is recorded and leaving tiny digital footprints. We all know that tweeting while drunk is never a good idea and neither is being loose about your privacy settings. But if you have ever wanted to know what all your tweets would look like as an infographic then here is […]

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Hove & Brighton Artist Open Houses

  This is the last weekend (this year) for this year for the Artist Open Houses in Hove and Brighton. I resisted the urge to buy anything this except for some very nice freshly backed cupcakes! Always a treat to visit the homes of artists and enjoy the side competition of who has the best […]

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Celebrating British Design

  I recently visited the the Victoria and Albert Museum which celebrates British design and creativity from 1948 to the present day with a series of major exhibitions and displays. British design has made wonderful contributions to the world from the practical and austere to the quirky and flamboyant. No matter what there is always something distinctly British. […]

UXLX: The Experience of UX Lisbon

  UX Lisbon is a UX Conference that has excelled to become one of the best digital conferences. A huge congratulation goes out to Bruno who takes UX so seriously he plans everything in great detail to ensure his attendees leave as friends and have a fabulous time.  He and his team put together a […]


How idiots track success

HITS – How idiots track success Gerry won hands down for the most entertaining talk. His definition of hits had everyone laughing. GUI is dead and the future is NUI (natural user interfaces). The majority of his talk was focusing on tasks rather than content and the need for simplicity. Yahoo 2004. 255 links on […]

Developing Applications for Utility Engineers

Wireframes and mock-ups in Axure for water engineers to have real time support applications. Currently engineers may arrive on a site and discover they need additional information, materials, resource as well as access to admin tools. This means they need to leave the site and return to the base location. The design of the new […]

Creating a Persausive Design Strategy for a Knowledge Portal

  Knowledge portal for Vodafone Global. This is an internally facing site that all members of Vodafone Global will use for sales and customer management. The site was designed to work on mobile devices and tablets as well. The site is fully integrated with Sharepoint, SAP and Salesforce. Interviewing and managing stakeholders Ethnographic research and […]

Innovation Lab

Vodafone need away to get people talking and participating in creating, sharing and developing innovative ideas. The Game Changer labs was a tool created to allow people to submit ideas, vote for ideas and track the progress. A UX strategy was developed around creating  virtual teams that could be across silos of the business or […]

The role of UX ethics in a “dog eat dog” world.

Any sane person would want a heart doctor to collaborate with other heart doctors and participate in the wider world about new discoveries, techniques and procedures. That helps create great and up to date doctors with the latest skills. It is the same with UX. When UX becomes a competitive skill that requires us to […]

A World Made of Glass

  Thank-goodness Ground Hog Day is over. Today there was an interesting conversation about what UX is. Really is. At the core. It is not about UI. It is about the principals of what experience is. There is no optimum interface for experience. There are no rules. There are no boundaries. No magic technology. No […]

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Ground Hog Day UX Crazy Style

This year UX has really grown up. We have had convergence, gamification, tablets, internet TV, handheld scanners (and all manner of devices) and now we are truly in the Pervasive UX territory. The UX community has really come together and it is all about collaboration and working towards a UX Manifesto as well as better […]

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Berlin Tacheles

  In November I visited Tacheles in Berlin. It is an absolute must. I love old buildings that have been taken over by artists and at one time wanted to live to in an artist squat.  My friend Carson had a an amazing space on Queen West that was 2,000 square feet and so much […]


Odd Molly Loves Ya

I am really loving Odd Mollys S/S collection and have already placed my order. It was a tough decision as I wanted to buy it all. This is pure Swedish style at its best. I have been a devout Odd Molly fan for 5 years now and the pieces are easily wearable each year. Some […]


The Vintage Cool of Peacock Chairs

I had to do it. I needed a chair for my desk for my jewellery making and it had to be the peacock chair to give my office the Boho-Vibe. In the US  these go for $2,000 for the quality version. There is a real cheap basic version that are more commonly found in back-alley […]


The Way We Live Now

Terrance Conran turns 80 and to celebrate his transformation of the British way of life. The exhibition shows his design approach and inspirations from post-war austerity to the present day. His design legacy his huge and this is a fantastic exhibition. Terrance Conran: The Way We Live Now 16 November 2011 – 04 March Design […]

It is always about the future

This week I am doing two talks on the subject, The Future of UX. It is a very broad topic and you cannot do it justice in 20 minutes. It is both open for debate and a moot point, because UX is always about the future. You cannot predict everything. Content is so ubiquitous that users can […]

Digital Leaps Forward & The Department of Disruption

  This year on Leap Day I will be giving a talk on the future of User Experience at LBi. LBi certainly knows their stuff and has put together a fantastic panel. I feel very privileged and honored to be a part of it. Digital Leaps Forward – What is next in Experience Design Please come along. It is going […]

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The Social Media Governance Forum

  This February I will be speaking at The Social Media Governance Forum, which I am really looking forward to. The Social Media Governance Forum, in association with Capgemini and Sidley Austin is delighted to bring together six speakers to share their stories about social media governance. Nina Barakzai (EMEA Privacy Counsel, Dell) Lee Bryant […]

Delivering Future Web Services For Banks

  Mobile app development for Royal Bank of Scotland. Responsibility for developing the strategy and presenting at the executive level. Ran a series of workshops to capture the requirements from the business leaders and brain storm ideas. Created interactive prototypes and user journey maps to illustrate the solution. Prototyping using Axure Development of customer journeys […]


Mobile Cloud Summit Panel

Along with some distinguished panelists Brian Hoadley, James Clarke of Thin Martian, andJules Ehrhardt of ustwo, I spoke at the  Mobile Cloud Summit on Evolution of the Mobile Cloud, which looked at the impact of Mobile Cloud on User Experience.. This one day summit prompted a lot of interesting discussions. I hope you enjoy watching the panel: http://vimeopro.com/quadriga/mobile-cloud-summit-in-tech-city/video/30120511  

Staying hungry and foolish.

Steve Jobs changed my life for the better. I started out as a designer and illustrator before Macs. Hours were spent practicing with a drawing pen to do crop marks. Type was expensive. You paid  by the character and had to be precise when character counting and specifying type. Ideas were hard things to translate […]

A Survival Strategy for Handling the UX Crazy Person

This week the topic of discussion at the Hospital Club, during our usual UX Martini Madness, was about the difficulty in getting consensus on getting a UX Manifesto. Whenever it seems we are finally getting a common understanding of what UX is some new Crazy jumps up and wants to reinvent the wheel?  The UX wheel that […]

Welcome to the Conceptual Age. So Long Information Age.

Let me start off this blog post by challenging one of the myths I have encountered recently. A creative solution was perceived as a strategy and thus a person assumed that creative and strategy are one and the same. They could not discern the creative presentation from the strategy behind it. Creative and strategy require different […]