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Sketching with Wacom’s Inkling

Every once in awhile a new gadget that comes out that makes me go “I WANT!!”. Ok admittedly more often than once in awhile but far less often than spotting new dresses. Wacom has a new pen coming out that can allow you to sketch and import directly into Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchbook or saved […]


Disruptive Innovation, Let the Revolution Begin

Tyrants are having a bad year. Things are only going to get worse. The old style management that is all about control is out. The new style is about “empowerment”. New managers mentor. Tyrants order. New managers ask. Tyrants dictate. New managers are results focused. Tyrants are process focused.   I am lucky to have […]


Bow Butterfly

Site to be launched. Complete site design and build including the social media strategy: Facebook page, Twitter, Polyvore and other sites. This an early draft and work in progress. As I will be adding new features and iterating the images will be increased and updated. Real work in progress!   [slider name=”#” cat=”” slides=”-1″ effect=”random” […]


Prototyping to Add Value

Prototypes must deliver value. It is the thinking that is the valuable part not the overall execution or the tool. Too often discussions get bogged in down in discussions about what is the best tool to use. The tool used for prototyping is just a canvas. A good painting doesn’t take longer to produce than a […]

Sorry Google Says No

Do you have a social media strategy? If you are like most people working in digital you probably do. If you don’t then you are seriously missing out. If anything the recent rioting has proved what an impact social media is having. Both good and bad. No one can afford to ignore it. Being a […]

The Unreasonable Voice

The unreasonable voice is not a voice you hear a user experience person use.  The rare couple of times in (12 years) that I have head it from a UX person, it turned out it was their grasp of UX that was the problem. They were not actually a UX person at all. It is not in our […]

The Reasonable Voice

User Experience practitioners come from a variety of backgrounds among them psychologists, designers, Human Computer Interaction grads, Information Architects as well as others. We share many common traits as well as being big sharers of our knowledge, experience and tips. We care about the end result and about other people. It doesn’t matter how we […]

What Good Looks Like

  I have been spending a lot of time lately thinking and discussing with other UXers about where UX is going and how the lines are getting more blurred as UX becomes more pervasive. At the same time I still get dragged into the “UX 101” conversations that should have ended 10 years ago with […]

Participatory Workshops Deliver Higher Value

Participatory workshops are not spectator sports. Participatory workshops are engaging, dynamic and are productive. At the end of the day there is something to show for all that time spent. Progress & value. It is no wonder some people loath workshops. Sitting in a room for hours on end with a bunch of people not […]

Creating an Award Winning Multi-channel Experience

Award winner- Gold Midas award best integrated campaign 2009. MasterCard ‘Dance Off‘ for Brit Awards Television Presentation. The campaign, features a website hub at www.pricelessdanceoff.com and people can upload their own clips to the site. In true talent reality show style people will then vote for their favourite dancer via the site.   User experience design Overseeing creative […]


Do not escalate first & apologise later

Good communication results in less time wasted and zero apologizing. But what is good differs. We all want to be friendly, warm and helpful. Stiff, formal and clear can be detrimental to building relationships. How many times have you read emails that give you too much “over information”, in that they become patronizing? The key […]

Great Portfolio Design

You never get a second change to make a first impression. So make the best impression you can. You are the brand. Choose a visual style that communicates what you are about. Serious? Creative? Conservative? Looks count. But more importantly is to know yourself and what you are about. Make sure you are presenting yourself […]

Coke Zone

UX for Coke Zone. Points system for their loyalty system and to provide a fun Coke branded entertainment and promotions. User research based design and loyalty scheme Information architecture using Axure as a clickable prototype Design elements in Photoshop User testing to ensure navigation and points system worked The site has since changed.

Persil Dirt is Good

Concept and experience for Persil. The site was to promote their 100 Years Celebration of Persil and promote the message that “dirt is good”. The site was targeted to mothers of small children and included a competition and give away. The site included a lot of Flash and has since been replaced.


JP Morgan: New Trading Platform Concepts

Created a conceptual model of a next generation platform using fun and interactive workshops with traders. Prototype and wireframes created using GUI Studio to simulate a Java desk top environment Colours were provisional to aid the visualisations and usability for feasibility Conducted workshops Created task analysis Story boarding and collecting requirements Rapid work to inform […]

10 Tips for Launching Your Career in UX

These should be “no brainers” and things every user experience practitioner should already know. However if you are wondering why some people seem to be flying ahead then maybe  it is time to look at the list and see if there is anything you can do. Do what users do – use the websites, tools, […]

Design for Up Market Skin Care Products

Design and art direction for a brochure and “passport”. The concept of the campaign was to allow customers to receive incentives through a loyalty scheme. The passport would capture purchase information as well as recommendations from the skin care consultants. The passport would be a record for stamps and free trials that could be redeemed […]

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The Mysterious & Dark World that is Blacks

  One of the best things I have ever done was to become a member at Blacks. That was over 10 years and the place has only gotten better. While other clubs are flash in the pans. Blacks ages like a fine win. It is in a gorgeous Georgian townhouse with a Dickensian charm. The bohemian […]

Improving Self Service Tools

The brief was to demonstrate ways to improve a complex decision process such as buying a boiler and booking installation. This was was integrated into a tool that provided tracking and live time information as well as an improved customer account section.