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Hove & Brighton Artist Open Houses


This is the last weekend (this year) for this year for the Artist Open Houses in Hove and Brighton. I resisted the urge to buy anything this except for some very nice freshly backed cupcakes! Always a treat to visit the homes of artists and enjoy the side competition of who has the best cupcakes.  Generally this an affordable and fun way to buy art. The

 At the Claremont there were examples by artist Alison Swan.  The plate with a star fish was my favourite as well as her ceramic shoes. Alberto Martinez is one of my favourite artists and has been regularly showing at the Collectors Selection for the last 4 years. His Cuban style of surrealist paintings keeps getting more accomplished and expensive. I was there on the second day of the Open House and missed out on getting the “Peeping Frogs” painting. All 3 paintings sold out within hours. Such is the demand for this artist. Next year I must get there sooner!


Landing alberto martinez

Landing, 2010 by Alberto Martinez







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Berlin Tacheles


In November I visited Tacheles in Berlin. It is an absolute must. I love old buildings that have been taken over by artists and at one time wanted to live to in an artist squat.  My friend Carson had a an amazing space on Queen West that was 2,000 square feet and so much fun to hang out. He had these amazing horse swings hanging from the ceiling that I used to ride on. An indoor swing what could be cooler than that? My own attempts at loft living were not so successful.

I rented a loft as my studio at 500 square feet but it would not have been a great living space. The illegalness of most lofts meant you could find yourself on the street quite quickly. The buildings themselves usually lacked in mod cons. Then there was the locations. Usually this meant your entrance would be off some dark alley and in a quiet part of town with poor security.

You had to be incredibly lucky to find a really great place. I can sympathise with them on losing their beautiful old building to development. They loved and used this building when no one else did. I think the problem is in part to not many places where artists can live and work. It is very difficult to afford a big enough home. You have to be prepared to let your life be taken over by art. As a painter myself I know the challenge well. I am limited to doing smaller paintings and painting less often. Cleaning brushes in either the bathroom or kitchen sink is messy.


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