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Next Generation Customer Care Portal

While onsite at JD Williams in Manchester I ran a series of workshops with stakeholders and end users to understand their requirements and the technical constraints of the existing system to create a plan for them to implement a new system for call centre staff.

Their call centre staff were used to “green screeens” and a had a very linear path through the ordering system that they were very comfortable with and could operate easily when placing orders for their clients. The demographics of the consumers tended to be older and not as computer literate. One of the things I found out when doing the research is that returning customers had an almost personal bond with some of the staff and would ask for the same rep and enjoy a personal chat.

This also meant that while the system supported quick ordering it did not allow for some of the conversational aspects. An example being a customer asking about their balance. This would result in the agent having to leave the ordering process and open a different application. The new portal had to deliver a seamless experience and still have clear paths.

New functionality proposed from the UX:

  • Live team chat
  • Alerts for management
  • Integrated team room and tasks list
  • Providing a brand experience
  • Ability to toggle between account information, ordering history and ordering forms
  • Messages and prompts integration – related products, recommendations to create a better customer experience.  


To further complicate matters the roll out to change all the backend systems would not be in place for two years. This meant that an interim design or designs would be needed so it appears as part of a natural evolution.

As the old system had no branding I also had to create a brand presence that would be quite minimal as they have a lot of sub brands that I wanted to use at each shop level to give the staff more of an experience which would help them convey they brand personality in conversation. The conceptual model was a market place and having their team room. The second phase would be to integrate social media features and allow them to talk to managers and each other without have to terminate the call, call the manager and then call the customer back. Queries could be dealt with quickly.

One of the critical success factors of the project was to reduce their training from 13 weeks down to two weeks training.

Key items of the project:

  • White boarding and sketching out the scenarios with stakeholders
  • Creating a design in Fireworks and graphical files
  • Light wireframes in Axure – the IA did not need to be fully complete as the portal build was happening in parallel and I was working directly with the development teams
  • Usability assessment and end user research
  • Testing with end-users and getting feedback
  • Stakeholder and requirements management

A presentation each week was created in a discussion with the wider technical team about the progression of the UX  changes. This was used to talk how at each Sprint design changes would be phased in and plan the activities for the next Sprint.  View Presentation in PowerPoint

JD Williams design out puts



A Functional Requirements Road Map for Design

Project to capture the requirements at a project definition stage for one of the largest financial companies in the world.  

I ran and put together a team of 6 information architects  over a 6 month period to build highly transactional and functional prototypes in Axure.  These were rapid modelling for articulating business process re-engineering to put the complete application online. These prototypes are not to show the end solution but to capture the requirements visually to reduce documentation. The Axure annotation structure was modified by myself to increase the amount of detail necessary to work with the other teams and provide GAP analysis information to the stakeholders.

The prototypes do not show design or a polished UX with final interactions. This was because the speed of which were working and the purpose was to be able to integrate these quickly with live data and test the processes. The entire process involved complex discussions with over 60 stake holders and is a ground breaking application to revolutionise Mortgage applications, selling and conveyancing.

These wireframes and documents cannot be posted here until early 2014 due to the sensitive nature of the project.



Train Series

Developing a Multi Channel Experience

Concept and strategy for Greyhound to offer customisable widgets for conference & event organisers to include on their site to show estimated travel costs and targeted offers.

Below are rough scamps/sketches to demonstrate the concept.


Contest screen

The winner gets notified


Screen for entry into travel booking engine




Developing Applications for Utility Engineers

Wireframes and mock-ups in Axure for water engineers to have real time support applications. Currently engineers may arrive on a site and discover they need additional information, materials, resource as well as access to admin tools. This means they need to leave the site and return to the base location. The design of the new system is to use data feeds and workflow to allow people to make

  • Job timer, emails, manuals, help files, HR – holiday booking, sickness certification, reporting an injury
  • History of the site – part information, who previously worked on
  • Geo location information – sites, engineers nearby
  • Workflow – creating, modifying and opening  jobs, uploading images, ordering parts,
  • Text chat & support – Social Enterprise tool


Picture 005

Creating a Persausive Design Strategy for a Knowledge Portal


Knowledge portal for Vodafone Global. This is an internally facing site that all members of Vodafone Global will use for sales and customer management. The site was designed to work on mobile devices and tablets as well.

The site is fully integrated with Sharepoint, SAP and Salesforce.

  • Interviewing and managing stakeholders
  • Ethnographic research and usage patterns
  • Segmenting users and creating personas
  • Informing the new brand guidelines to “push the brand”
  • Concept of the “Enlightened Bird”
  • Full wire frames and interactive prototype in Axure
  • Full design created in Fireworks


The screen shot below was from the conceptual stage. The colours were adjusted for accessibility and the development was done using Agile methods in development
Home page for knowledge portal

Home page for knowledge portal


blackberry home page

Blackberry development


Customer Management Screen

Customer Management Screen

News & Article Page

News & Article Page

Ipa map

iPad map















Home page on iPad

Home page on iPad







workflow dashboards

the gtreengames

Green Games – Conceptual Concept

Concept for EDF – creative and UX Strategy to be launched in time for the Olympics. Includes strategy for social media engagement and incentives for people to participate.

Concept for EDF

Innovation Lab

Vodafone need away to get people talking and participating in creating, sharing and developing innovative ideas. The Game Changer labs was a tool created to allow people to submit ideas, vote for ideas and track the progress. A UX strategy was developed around creating  virtual teams that could be across silos of the business or across geographic boundaries. One of the challenges is the diversity of the roles globally and that there are a lot of initiatives that may be taking place that are unheard of.

The UX strategy presented concepts and wireframes to the business with challenge elements and a reward scheme.

Picture 036

Delivering Future Web Services For Banks

Workshop outputs – white boarding and creating user stories


Mobile app development for Royal Bank of Scotland. Responsibility for developing the strategy and presenting at the executive level. Ran a series of workshops to capture the requirements from the business leaders and brain storm ideas. Created interactive prototypes and user journey maps to illustrate the solution.

  • Prototyping using Axure
  • Development of customer journeys
  • Market and user research
  • Audience segmentation and personas
  • User journeys, task analysis and scenarios



Multi-channel experience modelling

Multi-channel experience modelling



Running participatory design sessions with key stakeholders


Voice services

App will have voice services and include voice authentication

















Journey of statement window





Blue butterflyJ

Bow Butterfly

Site to be launched. Complete site design and build including the social media strategy: Facebook page, Twitter, Polyvore and other sites. This an early draft and work in progress. As I will be adding new features and iterating the images will be increased and updated. Real work in progress!


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Developing a Mobile Application – Gamification


Developed a Mobile Frist Application for Betfair

  • Ran and facilitated User Experience workshops
  • Brain storming ideas
  • White boarding
  • Creating a fun atmosphere to stimulate ideas and drive innovation
  • Rapid prototyping


Developing Mobile Applications

Developing Mobile Applications



Creating the interaction design

Creating the interaction design


Picture 094

Creating an Award Winning Multi-channel Experience

dance videos

Dance videoes

Award winner- Gold Midas award best integrated campaign 2009. MasterCard ‘Dance Off‘ for Brit Awards Television Presentation.
The campaign, features a website hub at and people can upload their own clips to the site. In true talent reality show style people will then vote for their favourite dancer via the site.


  • User experience design
  • Overseeing creative design and production
  • Writing brief
  • Creating prototype
  • Usability audit and recomendations
  • Project management


Home page for viewing the contest

Home page for viewing the contest


Video Page with contestant entries

Video Page with contestant entries

Entry form for contest

Full site at launch



Muller Events Calendar

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Coke Zone

UX for Coke Zone. Points system for their loyalty system and to provide a fun Coke branded entertainment and promotions.

  • User research based design and loyalty scheme
  • Information architecture using Axure as a clickable prototype
  • Design elements in Photoshop
  • User testing to ensure navigation and points system worked

The site has since changed.

Persil dirt is good

Persil Dirt is Good

Concept and experience for Persil.

The site was to promote their 100 Years Celebration of Persil and promote the message that “dirt is good”. The site was targeted to mothers of small children and included a competition and give away.

The site included a lot of Flash and has since been replaced.

Curve screen flows

JP Morgan: New Trading Platform Concepts

Created a conceptual model of a next generation platform using fun and interactive workshops with traders.

  • Prototype and wireframes created using GUI Studio to simulate a Java desk top environment
  • Colours were provisional to aid the visualisations and usability for feasibility
  • Conducted workshops
  • Created task analysis
  • Story boarding and collecting requirements
  • Rapid work to inform the technical streams
  • Strategy for implementation
  • Managing workshops and program of activities
  • Presenting to senior stakeholders managing the expectations


Main screen for spot trading


Curve screen flows


Swap ticket pop up


Outright ticket


Order list – creating an order


erno lazlo

Design for Up Market Skin Care Products

erno lazlo
Design and art direction for a brochure and “passport”. The concept of the campaign was to allow customers to receive incentives through a loyalty scheme. The passport would capture purchase information as well as recommendations from the skin care consultants. The passport would be a record for stamps and free trials that could be redeemed across Canada. This was a campaign in 1992 (pre-web).
  • Overseeing and hiring responsibility for photography
  • Managing print production – attending press checks
  • Design and art direction
  • Production of assets
erno lazlo

Design for Brochures & Print



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Shopping for documents from the archives

For the British Library I ran a series of UX workshops to capture the requirements into an interactive prototype which would allow researchers, students and librarians to order documents and purchase documents online.



Nike Rich Media Banners






Improving Self Service Tools

The brief was to demonstrate ways to improve a complex decision process such as buying a boiler and booking installation. This was was integrated into a tool that provided tracking and live time information as well as an improved customer account section.





At this stage this was to communication the steps and customer journey the user would take, rather than design. The elements are to communicate the strategy and functionality which would be iterated into a design.


The account home page with a conceptual dashboard and the order tracking integrated in for a seamless customer journey and to have everything in one place.