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Is Digital Engagement living up to it’s hype?

Digital engagement is a huge trend right now and for companies that get it right there are massive rewards & gains to be made. A lot of companies have successfully implemented new systems and tools to create a more engaged and productive workforce as well as driving innovation.  The case studies are impressive and centred around positive outcomes that make it sound easy to achieve, and they are…sort of. A far greater amount of companies have tried to put in a tool and failed to get the results. Measuring...


You are what you Tweet.

Everything you do on the web is recorded and leaving tiny digital footprints. We all know that tweeting while drunk is never a good idea and neither is being loose about your privacy settings. But if you have ever wanted to know what all your tweets would look like as an infographic then here is the answer according to Twitter and If I were an infographic what would I look like?


UXLX: The Experience of UX Lisbon

  UX Lisbon is a UX Conference that has excelled to become one of the best digital conferences. A huge congratulation goes out to Bruno who takes UX so seriously he plans everything in great detail to ensure his attendees leave as friends and have a fabulous time.  He and his team put together a fantastic conference of great food, wine tasting, dinners, great venue, great speakers and even a closing sunset cruise. Lisbon is a wonderful city so getting out of  cold, wet, London did make the extra...


How idiots track success

HITS – How idiots track success Gerry won hands down for the most entertaining talk. His definition of hits had everyone laughing. GUI is dead and the future is NUI (natural user interfaces). The majority of his talk was focusing on tasks rather than content and the need for simplicity. Yahoo 2004. 255 links on the home page. The Long Neck Versus the Long Tail  by Gerry McGovern Web task management is about managing your website around top tasks. Success is measured on the ability of customers to quickly...


How Social Media is Rewiring the Human Brain

  The way we consume information effects our brains. This is not science fiction but the result of several studies of the effect of social media on the brain. There is a deep concern that the these changes may cause problems with concentration and that the younger generation will be “less likely to undertake deep, critical analysis of issues and challenging information.” There is worry that this could also lead to problems with obesity, a need for instant gratification, lack of conversational skills, inability to analyse and problems with a...


Mastering colour and the best resources for colour accessibility

  Colour has always been an important part of design. It sets the emotional tones to stimulate feels and create a perception of warmth, luxury, cool, fresh, cheap or energy. Whatever brands want you to think. While colour may be a subjective issue,  colours also have a universal meaning. For example: blue is a cold color and red is a warm color. It is the preference for certain colours that are subjective. The meanings of colours for luck, death, and others vary by different cultures.  In India, yellow is said...

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