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Epson MegaPlex turns an iPhone or iPad into a big-screen projector

HD 720p All-in-One Projector, Speaker and Apple-Device Dock Combo for Digital Lifestyle

HD 720p All-in-One Projector, Speaker and Apple-Device Dock Combo for Digital Lifestyle

I have been looking at docking stations for a while and always left the store empty handed. Now Epsom has come out with one that fits the bill of what I am looking for. The Epson MegaPlex. I want one that is more than just a set of speakers and a charger. It is a projector that just happens to be also a docking station.

After video, DVDs and then Blue Ray I am well past the point of being a movie collector. I am very selective now of which movies I want to have in my permanent collection. These days I prefer streaming. But with most of my viewing now done on the iPad this make the Epson MegaPlex a killer product.  I am already planning how I am going to use this as an out door projector for those rare summer nights.

Could this be a replacement to a TV and the end to the TV license?


No TV necessary and no TV license either

The added bonus is no TV necessary. When moving to the flat screen I was aware of the increased cost in energy usage. The added bonus is that the Epsom projector is a lot more energy efficient. It also takes up a lot less space and just requires a blank wall or screen

It seems crazy that to buy a TV solely to watch movies and play games and also pay for a TV license.  Then I need to add cable and thus pay even more to watch movies.

I am already a fan of BBC iPlayer and several others for viewing video content online. Lovefilm owned by Amazon now has a streaming option making it ideal and less expensive than cable for watching premier films. Most people are quite selective in what they watch as well. For a lot of people this may make a  lot of sense and time to ditch the idiot box.

Features of the Epson projector:
  • It is a docking device and charges iPad or iPhone devices when plugged in
  • Projects up to 100 inches
  • Perfect for Movies -HDMI plus other audio / video connections
  • Great for presentations – is advertised as travel friendly with a handle but I still think you would need a case
  • Stereo sound and can be used without video to play audio files
  • Built in mic to amply the presenters voice
  • Can be used as a speaker doc
  • Rich, vibrant color and reliable performance — 3LCD, 3-chip technology
  • Can connect to Mac or PCs using a USB connector
  • Can use a USB memory device directly  into the USB port and present

Remarkable resolution and bright output (2800 lumens of color and white light output1) ensure vivid content, even when it’s enlarged to a 100-inch image. Add in the built-in stereo speakers and portable design and MegaPlex MG-850HD is sure to transform how you collaborate and interact, whether at work or at home. Simply connect, project and play. Epson website 

Of course I am leaving off the obvious that this is also a good tool for work as well. I am sure I can say for certain that this will be in my home a lot faster than I can fill out the procurement forms. 😉


Gorilla User Experience (UX) Using Axure

Experiments in attention and concentration show that when people are concentrating on something and doing a task they often miss other information.  This has big implications for UX design as well as collecting the requirements and running workshops.

Suppose you are running a workshop for a new retail site and you have a group of stakeholders in the room each with their own agenda. It is important to sketch out the end to end scenario first as a walking skeleton. This is so that everybody understands it as a single process.

This is often the situation where a product manager may have an objective of people browsing their products and hitting “add to basket”. For them that is where the journey ends. The shopping basket (funnel) is some else’s problem. But it is not. Statistics will show that it is the payment screen that is the most abandoned. Rarely do you see a product manager care about that.

Most UX people probably know the 200 lb invisible gorilla experiment. When people are concentrating on doing a task a 200 lb gorilla can literally disappear.

What it demonstrates is that people complete the task despite it. This also works in reverse.  Axure is my gorilla. I have used it workshops and have “live” mocked stuff up. The first part of the workshop I explain what I am going to do and how it works and what will happen at the end. It may seem strange to some people at first but as things get going no one pays attention to me they are all focused on the screen and completing their tasks as well.

The sessions still contain all the usual white boarding, post it sessions, sketching and open discussions. What I do is make sure that everything is captured so that nothing is lost. I do this by having some prep work done beforehand to allow me work in real time and turn the outputs into a clickable journey. The tarting up can be done later. After the workshop.

Generally 20-30% of all information from workshops is lost. Those photos of the post it notes boards are often missing key bits of detail. The flip chart scrawlings sometimes need a translator and are open to interpretation. Participants leave unclear whether the output was good or not until they see it later. By then their memories are subject to their view.

By capturing the information in the room I can play it back at the end. People can immediately see what was accomplished and reach conscientious on the value of workshop. Plus I will still have the original photos of all the boards and post it notes to add to the deck and show the process of getting there.

Just in case you do not know the Invisible Gorilla story, read more on