Research for bringing customer insight into¬† the next generation of IG’s trading platform.

Qualitative interviews in person interviews with high value traders to understand their approach to spread betting.

Follow up interviews and testing of the new design platform concepts gain feedback and ensure the design was meeting and exceeding expectations.


  • Recruiting participants
  • Meeting and conducting in person off site interviews
  • Creating the question guide
  • Creating surveys for quantitative feedback
  • Analysing the research findings and creating reports
  • Presenting the research findings to the team
  • Creating a videos of key content and findings
  • Remote one on one user testing of the new concepts
  • User testing on site with the new systems


  • The research had a positive outcome on the project bringing some unexpected findings that provided direction.

Project Outcome

Easy Transition

The qualitative research from 30 users of the previous system provided the team with valuable insight as well as answering specific questions the team had over reworking specific elements.


The new platform was rated higher in customer satisfaction among previous users